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Pressure gauges have been manufactured under license from Armaturenbau GmbH Germany.

Armaturenbau GmbH has been manufacturing pressure and temperature measuring instruments for industrial applications since 1957, amongst others gas-actuated thermometers, thermowells, contact pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and dead weight testers.

As a company that has the orientation to be the best company in their field, PT Cipta Instrumindo Simpati combines the experiences and adequate knowledge of the professional experts with technical support from the principal.

With the reliable resources who have a strong commitment to work in the field and supported by solid management, PT Cipta Instrumindo Simpati will always provide “The Best Service with The Best Quality".

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Pressure Gauges with
Bourdon Tube
Capsule Gauges for
Low Pressure
Electrical Pressure Gauges /
with Limit Switch Contact
Differential Pressure Gauges

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